Click on the projects below to see the tiles available for download. Choose the Begin button below to choose which tiles you want to download.

Click on the projects below to see tiles that intersect your selection. Tiles that will be downloaded are highlighted in yellow. Projects not listed, have no tiles that intersect your selection.

Project Completed

Active Project Data Delivered

Processing Data / QAQC

Missions Flown Areas

Active Project Area

Proposed / Planning

There are multiple ways to select the tiles to download. Make your selection using the options below. Once your selection is made, only the tiles highlighted will be downloaded.

Select tiles that intersect with a box you drag on the map.

Select tiles within a radius of a point clicked on the map.

Select tiles that intersect an existing feature that you select.

Select all tiles within the project.

Click on the map where you want to center your search. You will then be prompted for the radius.

Click on the map and hold the mouse button down to outline a box.

Click on map to draw a polygon on the map. Once the polygon is drawn, click the Finish Selection button to search for tiles intersecting the polygon.

Choose a feature from the list below to use to query the LiDAR availablity. Once selected, click the Select Feature button then click on the map to select the feature to use to query the LiDAR.

Select By

Selecting the Select All button will select all tiles within a project even if your map extent shows some or none of the project tiles.

main map

Choose Radius
1 mile.
5 miles.
10 miles.
20 miles.
50 miles.
100 miles.


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